SIMO S.r.l. carries out this service with complete technical support for the customer with the aim to create the prototypes based on technical drawings or guideline in order to give the opportunity to the client to test the technical part, before the final validation of the final project, in order to subsequently perform a real industrial production composed of thousands of pieces in series.

From a technical specification (input given to SIMO Srl) by the client or even just starting with some features that the various part must have and respect, SIMO Srl is able to develop the required component and adapt it and/or modificate it depending by the needs required, even after production, after the first machining operation.

The prototype is done manually and adapted in order to meet in the best way the different clients needs, allowing the final client to use the collected past “experience” for similar products, and if necessary, to adapt it before put it into production and make thousands of pieces.

Paracalore_modello Paracalore-produzione

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