Since 1990 in constant improvement in OA of control and industrialization of work expanding the fleet and operating in line with regulations on quality.
Founded in 1946 as a small workshop, specializing in machining c / third level of SMEs especially in the agricultural and automotive industry both domestically and abroad
We make use of modern tools for quality control ', in our measuring room, for measuring high-precision tools with reliable and accurate.
  • 01/01/1946

    Birth company

    The stubbornness of his grandfather Bruno Morandi the SIMO srl It comes to life in the form of small workshop.

  • 01/01/1960


    The company, from his grandfather Bruno Morandi, passes under the place of the son Giacomo Morandi specializing in handmade level, bespoke work especially for the agricultural industry, highly developed industry in the Emilia.

  • 01/09/1990

    Transformation to SIMO S.r.l.

    The third generational children Daniela, Donatella and Paolo Morandi involves a change very incisive; the company becomes SIMO S.r.l. and they are launched improvement processes such as the development of equipment, enhanced control and improvement of industrial processes operating in line with regulations on quality.

  • 14/09/2015

    SIMO S.r.l. growth

    In the course of a few years turnover of SIMO S.r.l. It increases rapidly thanks to the many commercial initiatives, to the consolidation of relations with historical customers and acquiring new customers in different sectors.