CNC machining

SIMO S.r.l., in order to be able to meet in a better way the growing needs and demands of our customers; recently the fleet has been equipped with a vertical machining center with numerical control “AERRE CL40-80″, here some characteristics:

  • Working surface 900 x 400 mm;
  • X axis travel 800 mm;
  • Y axis travel 400 mm;
  • Z axis 500 mm;
  • Automatic tool changer with 20 stations cone ISO 40;
  • Control ECS 2400.

The choice of this type of machinery has been made because of the clients need in order to provide components with increasingly complex and complete services for the customers, it has been choosen also for saving production time and costs. The machine features allow the company to perform precision machining such as boring, milling, drilling and threading of materials such as iron, stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, copper and brass. lavorazione per asportazione di truciolo SDC13751