Growth of SIMO srl

Over the course of a few years, SIMO srl’s turnover has increased rapidly also due to numerous commercial initiatives, consolidated relations with historical customers and acquiring new customers in different sectors.

Transformation into SIMO S.r.l.

The third generational transition to Giacomo Morandi‚Äôs children, Daniela, Donatella and Paolo Morandi, involved a very decisive change; the company was transformed into SIMO srl and it underwent various improvement processes, such as: the expansion of the machinery, the strengthening … Continued


The founder, Bruno Morandi, transferred the management to his son, Giacomo Morandi, who specialised, on an artisan level, in subcontract work especially for the agricultural industry, a highly developed sector in the Emilia region.

Birth of the Company

Born from the perseverance of founder Bruno Morandi, SIMO srl began in the form of a small artisan workshop.